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Our union has been never stronger. AFSCME Strong is making the difference

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The billionaires, corporations and right-wing groups that filed the Janus v. AFSCME Supreme Court case wanted to destroy our union. But we are very much alive – never stronger and never more resilient as we fight for our communities every day.  

And we have been proving our worth from the start of the COVID-19 pandemic by providing vital services to our communities, even as some front-line members work without enough personal protective equipment, even as some have paid the ultimate price.  

How did we get to this place of strength? How did we manage to thrive in the post-Janus era?  

Through AFSCME Strong.  

Through this program, some 250,000 AFSCME members held 1 million conversations with their co-workers. They shared stories of how belonging to a union has helped them and their families and given them a voice on the job. They explained how public service workers gain strength by joining together through our union to fight for their rights and to unrig the economy so it benefits working families.  

AFSCME Strong is not just something we do, AFSCME Strong is a state of mind.  

In an inspiring video for the delegates to the AFSCME 44th International Convention, union members explained what AFSCME Strong is and what we have achieved through this powerful initiative since the last convention.  

Watch the video here.

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