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Why PEOPLE is crucial to AFSCME’s future

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Public service workers need the backing of elected officials who value and support their work. And the best way to ensure such pro-worker candidates are elected to public office is to contribute to the AFSCME PEOPLE program, according to Local 2081 (Council 31) President Stephen Mittons. 

Mittons, a child protection investigator for the state of Illinois, spoke to the delegates to the AFSCME 44th International Convention about the importance of contributing to PEOPLE. 

PEOPLE, our union’s political fundraising program, receives voluntary contributions from members. It helps us support candidates for political office who stand with working families – everyone from city council members to mayors to governors to members of Congress to the president of the United States.  

As AFSCME members, we “fight for our communities and we fight for each other,” Mittons said. “But we can’t do it alone.” 

“For people in public service to do our jobs, we need to ensure that there are public officials who respect our work, fight for our rights and fund our priorities. That’s where AFSCME PEOPLE comes in,” Mittons added. “When we don’t support the PEOPLE program, officials will undercut our work, refuse to negotiate with us and strip us of our hard-fought rights.” 

Mittons then introduced the top 10 PEOPLE contributors among AFSCME locals, councils and retiree chapters. Winning AFSCME affiliates and retiree chapters were recognized for their contributions to PEOPLE in two categories each: most money raised, and most money raised per member.

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