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Front-line heroes talk about their service to their communities

Pictured: Anthony Almojera
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Tens of thousands of AFSCME members have been on the front lines, battling the coronavirus pandemic since the start. They are emergency service workers, nurses, hospital staff, custodians, corrections officers, school service personnel, sanitation workers, and many, many more.  

These essential workers are putting their lives on the line for their communities and for their country.  

And some these public service heroes have made the ultimate sacrifice.  

Delegates to the AFSCME 44th International Convention heard first-hand accounts from several essential workers who are on the front lines of the war against COVID-19. These workers personify the highest ideals of public service by putting others first regardless of the danger to themselves and their loved ones, often working without enough personal protective equipment.  

In a moving, inspiring video, they show us just how much of a difference AFSCME front-line heroes are making in their communities, and how big a toll their service has had on their own lives and on their families.  

Watch the video here.

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