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Georgia sanitation worker: ‘We must make sure everyone has a chance to vote’

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For generations, Americans have marched, fought and spilled blood to secure the right to vote, but that right is coming under fierce attack this year, warned AFSCME Local 1644 member Tracey Thornhill. 

Addressing AFSCME’s 44th International Convention, Thornhill said: “Unnecessary voter ID laws, attacks on mail-in ballots, limiting early voting, or closing polling places are all designed to have one goal: stopping people from voting. These restrictions target the elderly, students, the poor, and, of course, voters of color.” 

“At a time when we should be making it easier for people to vote by mail, the president of the United States tells lies to discourage people to vote. At a time when we should be allowing people to vote more days in more places to increase distancing, we are closing polling places and cutting early voting,” said Thornhill, a sanitation worker from Atlanta.  

That’s why, he said, AFSCME is encouraging members to serve as poll workers during this year’s elections. AFSCME is working with human rights and voter protection organizations to make sure no eligible voter is prevented from voting this year by “dirty tricks, unfair restrictions or just plain incompetence.” 

Visit AFSCME’s partner, Power to Polls, to sign up to volunteer to work the polls during early voting and on Election Day in your community. Help ensure that every vote counts.  

Watch Thornhill’s speech here.

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